Steps for Opening Your Business

Step 1

Complete the Change of Tenancy (PDF) and Business Tax Application (PDF). The permit fee is $124 and includes the building inspection. Fees for water/sewer connection are calculated during the application review. City staff will notify the applicant when the permit is ready for pick-up.

Time Frame

Expect 2 - 3 days.

Step 2

Pick up permit and pay for Business Tax Receipt. Fees vary based on the type of business and square footage of the unit.

Time Frame

Issued after building inspection has passed.

Step 3

Complete the Application to Connect City Water/Sewer Utilities (PDF). Contact electric company to turn on the power. For more information, visit our Utility Services Page.

Time Frame

1 - 2 days for connection to be completed.

Step 4

Call to schedule inspection; utilities must be on. The Building Official will inspect the following:
  • ADA access and bath accommodations
  • Building Exit signs and emergency lighting
  • Current certified fire extinguishers
Note that separate building permits are required for new construction/remodeling work. Fines will be assessed for unpermitted work. In addition, sign permits are required for new signs. Please verify with the City before starting any work.

Time Frame

Call for next-business-day inspection. City Hall is closed on Fridays.

Step 5

After all inspections have passed, return to City Hall to pick up Business Tax Receipt.

Time Frame

You are ready to open for business! Please display the Business Tax Receipt in public view.

Step 6

Business Taxes must be renewed annually. Renewal notices are mailed out in July.

Time Frame

Payment due by September 30th.