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Flood Zone Information Request

To request Flood Zone Information on a particular property in Belleview, please complete and submit a Flood Zone Information Request Form.  

Development Services Permit Application

To apply for a Development Services Permit, such as for a Temporary Sign or Banner or Removal of Trees, etc., please complete and submit this application. The fee is $50. 

Existing Business Annual Fire Inspection Permit

To apply for an annual fire inspection, please complete and submit this application to the Building Department.  The fee is $60.  Examples of annual inspections include daycares, nursing homes, private schools, etc.  An annual fire inspection permit may also be requested for any business that wishes to have an inspection as required by insurance or for licensing purposes.

Lien Information Request Form

To request Lien Information and fees owed on a property located within Belleview City Limits. Please complete this form and remit $75 to the City of Belleview for your request to be completed. We only accept these forms via email or in person. 

Abandoned Property Registration Form

 This form is used to register abandoned real property, i.e. abandoned, vacant, and foreclosure properties located in the City limits of Belleview. Please complete this form and remit $150 for the annual registration. 

Information Request Form

To request information from the Development Services Department, such as Zoning or Land Use information, please complete and submit an Information Request Form. You are responsible for confirming that the City has received your request.