Need to Start Water Service?

The City of Belleview accepts online applications for new service. Please complete the New Customer Connection Form to begin the process. You will be requested to submit your identification and a document such as a lease agreement or deed with your name and the property address granting you access to the property. Upon submittal, an email will be generated to utility billing staff. We will contact you to complete the process including making arrangements to pay the applicable Utility Deposit and Connection fees.

Utility Reminder:

  • Water hookup and flow responsibility for the City ends at the water meter and at the point that the City water goes into the meter.
  • The Customer is responsible for any water flow from the meter to their home or business including any water flow cost or damage from leaking or broken pipes from the meter to the home or business.
  • This also includes any water flow cost or damage in the home or business when water is turned on.

The City recommends in the case of turning water on the customer has someone present to insure no such leaks occur to the home or business.

Click to view 2023 Utility Services Brochure

Seasonal Resident? Need to Restart Services?

If you are returning to the City of Belleview after your services have been disconnected for a season and would like services reconnected, please complete the Seasonal Service-ON Request. 

Need to Stop Service Permanently or Temporarily?

Please complete the Request to Terminate or Disconnect Utilities form. Utility staff will contact you regarding the request.

Excessive Water Use?

Occasionally, customers may experience a specific event in which water usage does not flow through the sewer system. Such events include filling a pool or a major line leak. You may be eligible for an adjustment to billed sewer charges as a result of such events. You may submit a Sewer Adjustment Request, along with a repair invoice, purchase receipt or other document substantiating your event. Submittal of this form does not guarantee that a credit will be applied to your utility account. Utility staff will review your request and contact you.

Contact a Finance or Customer Service Representative

Please complete the Contact a Finance or Customer Service Representative form for questions or comments regarding any of the City's Finance and Utility Services functions. The Finance Department is responsible for Utility Billing including Residential Garbage, Accounting functions including Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables, Liens and Cemetery.