Public Works

The Public Works Department is staffed by sixteen administrative and field operations personnel under the direction of the Public Works Director who oversees all of the operations pertaining to City water and sewer, streets, parks, and recreation, along with the City's cemeteries. Daily operations are geared toward customer service along with maintaining, upgrading, and expanding the various areas of services provided through the City.

Our Goals & Objectives

Achieving the highest level of customer service to our citizens. Our staff in the Utilities Department is available Monday though Thursday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. After hours or weekend calls should be made to 352-245-7021. Our goals are to listen to customers without interrupting, learn from what we are hearing, apologize for any problem or inconvenience we may cause, and take action to correct the issue.

We are dedicated to providing an uninterrupted supply of the highest quality and most economical water and sewer services possible to our citizens. In an effort to provide optimum service to our citizens, we are in the process of converting to a meter reading system that allows us the ability to know when a service has a flow problem and prevent high billings caused by plumbing problems.

We are continually planning for projected future growth and utility expansion to meet those projections. To help fund for future projects, we seek various grants on a continual basis to supplement revenue needed to fund future expansion, and upgrade projects to meet the community needs.