Residential & SMALL BUSINESS Garbage Pick-Up


Collection Days

  • Regular household garbage: Mondays or Thursdays
  • Recycling: Wednesdays
  • Yard Waste: Wednesdays

*All items must be out for pickup on collection days by 6:30 a.m.

Monday White Goods & Bulk pickups must be scheduled. Please call Florida Express Environmental to schedule these pickups. 352-369-5411

Link to Florida Express Environmental-Belleview information:

Garbage Rates (starting February 2020) are $17.42 per month

White Goods Pick-Up

Please call the Florida Express Environmental at 352-369-5411 to schedule a large bulk/white good pickup. Once the call is logged in, the pickup will be the following Monday.


Yard Waste Pick-Up

 Yard trash accumulated at single family residences and small businesses in cans, boxes, bags (no more than 6 plastic bags), or bundles; such containers or bundles not to exceed fifty (50) pounds in weight, shall be collected once each week, separately from other solid waste on Wednesday. The City and Contractor shall cooperate in developing a plan to reduce the use of plastic bags for accumulating yard trash, with an aspiration of eliminating the use of plastic bags for yard trash.

Yard waste does not include large stumps, tree trunks or trees that have been cut down and cannot be chopped us small enough to meet the yard waste criteria.


 All recycling must be in a Florida Express Environmental Recycling Cart that is picked up City-wide on Wednesdays. The top of the cart states what can be put in the recycle cart for recycling. The main items are cardboard (broken down to fit in the cart), paper and cans. Any other items (such as plastics) should be put in the garbage cart. They cannot be recycled. 

When extra cardboard and/or other recycling material doesn't fit in the cart or is more than the cart will hold, please call Florida Express at 352-369-5411 to arrange a special Wednesday pickup. You may also have them bring you an extra recycling cart.


Holiday Scheduling

If a holiday occurs on a scheduled pickup day garbage may or may not be picked up. Any changes to the normal pickup schedule will be noted at the top of this page. If there is no change stated at the top of this page, the pickup will occur as normal.


Complaint Procedure

Please call the City's Customer Service Office at 352-245-7021 to register complaints including missed garbage, missed recycling, or other issues.