What is the City's permitting process?
  1. To apply for a Building Permit with the City of Belleview, Contractors must first register with the city and provide copies of their Workers Compensation, General Liability Insurance, and State Licensure.  (This step does not apply to homeowner-builders)  You may access the Contractor Registration Form online by clicking here.

  2. Once registered, a complete application packet must be submitted either in person, or via email.  Our permit packets include checklists indicating which documents will be required for each type of permit.  All Forms and Applications may be found here. If the proposed project involves large-scale plans, the Building Official may require printed copies of the plans to be provided for review.

  3. Payment is due with application submittal.  Should you submit your application in person, cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted.  If you submit your application via email, city staff will respond to your email within 1-2 business days with an invoice and a link to make your payment online.

  4. Application review will begin once payment is received.  If an application is found to be incomplete city staff will contact you within 3 full working days from the received date.

  5. Once review is complete and the permit is issued, city staff will notify the contractor/owner-builder.  You may check the status of your application/permit online by clicking here.

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