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Lien Information Request Form

  1. City of Belleview
    5343 SE Abshier Boulevard
    Belleview, Florida 34420
    Phone: 352-245-7021
    Fax: 352-245-6532
  2. Instructions
    Provide this information to enable the City of Belleview to research and transport information as to encumbrances on specified property. Please allow up to three business days from receipt of payment for our response.
  3. Fee
    The fee is $75 per request. Payments must be received prior to processing the request. Payments may be made in person, by mail or over the phone via credit card. For credit card payments, please call 352-233-2102.
  4. Note
    Be advised that the information provided with this document is valid as of the date of receipt only, and is subject to change beyond that date.
  5. Requester Information
  6. Property Information
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