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Belleview Community Center

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Belleview Community Center Rentals:
- Meetings
- Training sessions
- Birthday Parties
- Baby Showers and Bridal Showers
- Family Reunions and other Events

- 1,750 Sq. ft.
- Capacity: 100
- Kitchen equipped with refrigerator 
- 2 Bathrooms (Handicapped Accessible)
- Large event space including 16 tables And 79 chairs for event use
- Splash Pad and Playground Park on the Grounds (not included in the reservation)

Reservation Process: 
- Submit online reservation request 
- Receive follow up email within a week of submitting request. Receive a copy of the rental agreement for review and completion

- Submit completed rental agreement and provide $100 refundable deposit to officially hold date 
- Provide remaining rental fee of $150 plus tax (for city-limit Belleview residents only), or $300 plus tax (citizens who reside outside Belleview city-limits)
- Final rental payments are due the Thursday before your event by 6:00 pm 
- Pick up building key at Belleview City Hall during business hours the week of your event (Mon - Thurs. between 7:00 am - 6:00 pm)

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