Customer Service & Utility Billing


PAY ONLINE AT WWW.BSAOnline.comYou will be redirected to You may pay by credit card or by electronic check. Payments will post instantly to your utility billing account.

CALL OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF AT 352-245-7021Our business hours are Monday through Thursday 7 am to 6 pmWe try to answer all calls, however, we have limited staff. If our staff are assisting other customers in our lobby or over the phone at the time of your call, you will receive our voicemail. Please leave a message. We return voicemails in the order they are received. 

IN PERSON AT CITY HALLPay by cash, check or credit card in person. We are located at 5343 SE Abshier BLVD in Belleview, FL. Our business hours are Monday through Thursday 7 am to 6 pm. Please be patient as we have limited staff assisting our customers. 

DROP BOX AT CITY HALLDrop your check payment in our drop box located in front of City Hall at 5343 SE Abshier BLVD in Belleview, FL. Please do not leave cash payments in the drop box. Payments received in the Drop Box by 5:30 PM Monday through Thursday will be promptly recorded on your account the same day.  

AUTOMATIC ACH PAYMENTS. If you would like your utility payments to be automatically withdrawn from your checking account via ACH, call our Customer Service Staff at 352-245-7021 to sign up for this service. Payments will be automatically withdrawn from your designated account on or after the 10th of each month but prior to the due date of the 20th of the month until you cancel the request. 

PAY BY PHONE THROUGH DOXO. Call our main line at 352-245-7021. Press 1 for Utility Billing Customer Service. Then Press 1 to Pay by Phone. You will need your account number and your house address numbers (not the unit number). There is no fee to pay from your bank account, but payments take 4 days to process. There is a 3% fee to pay using a credit card. Credit card payments have a 2-day processing time. Please do not use this method of payment if you are trying to prevent late/non-payment fees or service disconnection or your service is currently disconnected.

PAY ONLINE through DOXO at DOXO PayYou will be redirected to You maCity_of_Belleview_QR Code_doxoy pay by credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or with your bank account. Note: The City will be notified of your payment (in 2 business days if paid by credit card or 4 business days if paid by ACH) and will promptly post payment to your account upon such notification. DOXO also offers automatic recurring payments to the City of Belleview.

MAIL YOUR PAYMENT. Please be aware that the City of Belleview is not responsible for late or misdirected mail. We must have your payment in hand to apply it to the account to prevent late/non-payment fees and service disconnection.

BANK BILL PAY. Many banks offer free bill pay services allowing their customers to schedule their payments. The bank writes the check for you and sends your payment to the City via mail. While convenient, please be aware of the bank's processing time and mail delivery time. These payments can take a week or longer for the City to receive your payment. 

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