Sewer Collection & Treatment

The wastewater reclamation facility was modernized and expanded from a maximum capacity of 580,000 gallons per day to .76 million gallons per day of treatment, with the addition of a modern filtration system which provides us with more reliability of producing processed water meeting high levels of treatment, so we can safely return this water to the environment. This facility has won the annual Florida Rural Water Association's Medium Wastewater Facility of the Year. The Collection system consists of over 40 miles of sewer main and 38 pump stations that pump 45 to 450 gallons per minute in capacity. There are approximately 670 manholes connected to the mains, providing access to the gravity sewer approximately every 400 feet for maintenance.

Wastewater Reclamation Facility

An aerial view of the City of Belleview's Sewer Treatment Plant.