Code Compliance

​Code Compliance is a service provided by the City to ensure compliance with City Ordinances and Land Development Regulations. The City's Code Compliance officer's focus is to assist all citizens ​and businesses for compliance with City regulations.

If you receive a notice of violation you are encouraged to contact the enforcement officer to seek guidance for correcting the violation to avoid further enforcement action.

Special Magistrate

Violation(s) are to be resolved in an expeditious manner in order to avoid any fines and/or liens. If prompt action is not taken to correct violation(s), you may be issued a citation and/or ordered to appear in front of the City's Special Magistrate for a hearing regarding your case. The Special Magistrate may establish a fine and/or daily fines until the violation is corrected. Further action by the board may include liens on your property.

Learn more about Code Enforcement Board meetings, members, and policies on our Special Magistrate.

Codes & Regulations

Access the City of Belleview's Code of Ordinances and Land Development Regulations online by visiting Belleview's Municode Website.

Report a Code Violation

To report a code violation, please complete and submit our online Code Violation Report Form.