Business Information & Resources

Starting a new business is exciting.  Whether you are starting a small home business or expanding into a larger location, the resources in this section will help you through the process.
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Start with the Small Business Administration for general guidance on financial, legal, and logistical matters.

Before purchasing property or signing a lease contact Belleview Planning and Zoning to confirm zoning and any local regulations that may apply to your business.
City applications and information for opening or moving different types of businesses are provided below. Please contact staff to help you find the appropriate form and discuss the approval process.

Located Inside the City Limits

A new business that moves in to the city must go through the Change of Tenancy permit process. The City Building Official and Marion County Fire Prevention will perform inspections on the unit to ensure it meets Florida Building Code and Fire Prevention Code and is safe for your business. The following steps will help you through the process of opening your business. The fee is based on the type of business and the square footage or seating capacity of the unit.


Download the Change of Tenancy Application (PDF).
For a list of Local Business Tax fees: Click Here

Mobile Business

New mobile businesses, such as food trucks, mobile detailing, ice cream trucks and other roadside sales are required to obtain a local business tax receipt to operate inside the city limits. Documentation such as food handling licenses, fictitious name registration, etc., that are required by the state, must be submitted with the application. The fee is $52.05. 

Download the Business Tax with No Physical Location Application (PDF).

Commercial and Group Use of City Parks

Commercial and group users of City Parks are persons or entities that offer instruction, education, care, supervision or services and charge a fee for such activity or service. This includes child care groups, schools and camps. All commercial and group users of city parks must have a valid permit prior to use of setting up equipment.  This application also applies to mobile food vendors selling products or setting up equipment on City property.

Download the Commercial and Group Use Application (PDF).
Completed applications and fees are to be submitted to the City Clerk.

Home Business

Do you work from home? Home businesses must also apply for a local business tax receipt and meet the requirements for a home business. The cost  $11.55 for the Home Business Tax Receipt.

Download the Home Business Tax Application (PDF).

Seasonal Business - Tent Sales

Seasonal businesses are tent sales for fireworks and Christmas tree sales. The permit fee is $204.00 and $63.60 (annually) for the Business Tax Receipt.

Download the Seasonal Sale Business Tax Application (PDF).

Seasonal Sales - Christmas Parade-Special Events

Seasonal Sales are vendors selling food/drinks/toys and other items at events such as the Belleview Christmas Parade. The business tax receipt is $63.60 and is limited to the day of the event. Digital pictures of each employee are required and badges will be assigned for the day of the event.
Download the Seasonal Sales/Christmas Parade Business Tax Application (PDF).