Budget Books

The City of Belleview's Finance Department publishes a Budget Book each fiscal year. This book evaluates the budget inclusions in great detail to provide more information to the public.
View Most Recent Budget (PDF)-2018-2019 FY Budget                
The Budget Book includes:
  • A more detailed budget book that is required to achieve the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
  • A stronger tool for economic forecasting and City project and purchase planning
  • Explanations to help the public better understand how the City budgets revenues and expenses
  • Pictures that demonstrate items in the budget
  • Tables and graphs that compare other year budget totals to the current year
The budget book is based on the Government Finance Officers' Association's (GFOA) budget book criteria. The City then submits the budget book to GFOA for critique and compliance to the GFOA's budget book criteria and award.

Amending the Budget

The City of Belleview's budget consists of three funds:
  • General Fund
  • Special Revenue (Recreation Impact Fees) Fund & Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Fund
  • Water/Sewer Fund

Throughout the year, the budget may change. To ensure that the citizens know of these changes, the City posts on its website an overview showing what was changed in the budget and why it was changed.

View the 2019 Fiscal Year Budget Amendments 


Budget Timeline

May - July

Staff prepares the budget using current year data for revenue and expenditure projections, Commission meeting discussion and direction and equipment and project needs.

July - August

Commission holds workshop meetings to discuss and revise the budget and to discuss funding mechanisms. The tentative or "not to exceed" millage rate is set in August along with the dates for the millage and budget public hearings.


  • First Public Hearing - Belleview Citizens are notified by the property appraiser of the first millage and budget public hearing. Public discussion is held.
  • Second Public Hearing and Adoption of Final Millage Rate and Budget - An add is placed in the Daily Sun within five days of the second and final budget public hearing. Public discussion is held and the Commission makes their final approvals.